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Children’s Step Stools: A Christmas Gift They’ll Actually Use

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We understand that children drown in toys during the holiday season, several of which they’ll probably never play with. Why waste your money on more toys that will just gather dust, forgotten in the corner of your basement, when you could give you children a gift they’ll love, that helps them learn, and that will enable them to be more self-sufficient? Our children’s step stools are different from the rest, with colorful puzzle pieces that spell our their name, as well as customizable formats and layouts and laser engraving.

These are just some of the benefits of giving your child a step stool from Tim’s Unique Products for this holiday season:

Safe Step Stools For Children

Because Tim still cuts and finishes every single product we sell, we are able to guarantee that all of our products are built with a level of quality that is hard to beat. With rounded edges and a smooth surface, you don’t have to worry about splinters or sharp corners. In addition, our beautiful wood design allows for stability that many plastic stools lack.

Experience And Craftsmanship

We have been in business since 1982, and have built and sold more than one million kids’ stools. Our level of craftsmanship and our dedication to excellence has made us parents’ first choice for children’s step stools for over 30 years.


All of our stools are customizable, holding up to 11 colorful letters so that your child can have a stool all their own. Whether you want bold colors or pretty pastels, whether you are looking for personalized laser engraving, a double step or a single step stool, we have unique products that you and your kids will love.

A Gift They’ll Use

Because our step stools are made for kids, they’ll love the design and the ability to spell their name with puzzle pieces perfect for their little fingers. This means that it is a gift they’ll use every day, whether to reach the sink or to help mom cook.

Order your toddler a step stool or name board today and see why our products are second to none!

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