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Reaching New Heights

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Parents always wonder how they can help their children in life. Whether it be at home, at school, or in their personal lives, parents want to be able to help. When children are small, the world can look like a scary place. Everything is up out of reach and they must rely on others for help on a daily basis. Some children are very savvy and quickly learn how to climb or build rickety stools. The only problem is these thrown-together stools tend to topple, resulting in injuries or crying. Help your child safely reach new heights with colorful and functional children’s step stools from Tim’s Unique Products!

Tim’s Unique Products offers amazing products to adults around the country. Our children’s step stools are sturdy, well made, and offer much more than a few added inches. We have included a brightly colored name puzzle on top that lets children learn, play, and reach new heights. Young children can learn to spell their names, differentiate between the primary and pastel colors, and they even learn how to correctly place letters in their proper locations. So now there is a safe way for your children to reach the book on the top shelf; a children’s step stool from Tim’s Unique Products!

When you order a children’s step stool from Tim’s Unique Products you are investing in a gift that will turn into a prized possession. The quality craftsmanship and our attention to detail is apparent in every single stool. Your children will utilize these stools every time they need a few added inches to complete a task. Order a stool for your child, over 1,000,000 satisfied customers cannot be wrong!