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When you think about how many gifts you give to other people the cost really adds up. Have you ever wondered how long those gifts actually last? Children’s gifts may last even a shorter amount of time due to the amount of use. Children can be tough on toys and clothing, so your gift may end up in the trash after a few months. With the help of Tim’s Unique Products, you can begin to buy high-quality gifts that will last a lifetime!

Anyone that has ever raised a child knows that one minute their toys are perfectly fine and then the next they are broken. Children are tough on everything, clothing gets dirty, marker ends up on the walls, and toys end up broken. Still, children want toys and need things to keep them busy and help them learn and grow. This is exactly why Tim’s Unique Products handcrafts personalized puzzle stools for young children!

Personalized puzzle stools are the perfect gift for the rough and tumble child. The high-quality craftsmanship and the high caliber wood create a gift that will hold up to some abuse. After all, these stools are meant to support the weight of a child! Also, these stools come with a colorful name puzzle on the top which will help children learn! These puzzle pieces will teach kids how to spell their names, how to problem solve, and this puzzle will even help them develop fine motor skills.

Next time you are searching for the perfect (and sturdy) gift for young children, stop by Tim’s Unique Products. Our personalized puzzle stools will be a gift that children will cherish for years to come!

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