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Teach Your Child to Wash Their Hands With the Helps of Our Personalized Puzzle Stools

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It seems like kids are always getting into something that results in an exposure to germs. Whether they are serving you up a mud pie, bringing home a new turtle or they simply love to play with other kids --the number one way to keep them germ free is by teaching them to wash their hands properly and often. The problem is that most sinks are not made for kids, they are just too tall. For this reason you need one of our personalized puzzle stools to give them the step up that they need to reach the sink and wash their hands.

It is a good idea to teach your child how to wash their hands after they play outside, after they have been in contact with other children, after they use the restroom and before they eat. However, teaching them to wash their hands is often not enough, you will need to teach them the right way to wash their hands. The proper way to wash is by using warm water, lathering for at least 20 seconds (a standard birthday song should do) and cleaning above the wrists and under the fingernails. It is also important to teach them to rinse completely and dry thoroughly with a clean towel.

Kids come into contact with a variety of germs on a daily basis. The number one way to fight off those pesky germs is by teaching your kids to wash their hands thoroughly and often, but there is no way your child can wash their hands if they can't reach the sink! Give them them the boost that they need by purchasing your very own kids step stool with us today.