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​Quality name puzzle stools available

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Learning how to write your name is one of the bigger steps a child takes in the progression of his or her early education. It also is a memorable feat that parents, grandparents and other relatives will always remember. Generally speaking, a child’s writing attempts usually begin at about the age of 2. Writers who are just starting out tend to focus on various characteristics. These often include focusing on their name and associating things like a capital letter with their first and last name.

One of the things that can help a child advance and accelerate his or her writing skills is by purchasing them a name puzzle stool. He or she will love it. In fact educational toys, provide a lot of benefits. Our name boards for instance allow the child to freely remove the letters from the toy and put them back in -- thus allowing him or her the ability to more quickly associated and identify various letters.

In addition to making quality wooden toys that announce your child’s names, we also offer a variety of other types of educational toys for children. One such type of toy is a themed stool, like the “Nana Themed Stool” that we have in stock. We also have personalized growth chart, which always are fun for the whole family, and we can engrave special messages into just about any of our products. There really is not a better time than right now to order from us.