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Give Your Child a Boost

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Some of our children get into shenanigans when they try to reach things that are well out of their grasp. It is only natural that their curiosity will get the better of them at times. Unfortunately, this can also be very dangerous because we have all seen the lengths that children will go to get to something they want. This may mean that they climb on drawers, pull over chairs, or stack things precariously to climb on. Now imagine how much easier life would be if your child had their very own personalized puzzle stool.

Tim’s Unique Products has been producing high quality personalized puzzle stools since 1982. We have helped over 1,000,000 parents give their children the boost that they need! We offer one and two-step personalized puzzle stools that will give a little one just the right amount of height! With the superb craftsmanship, these stools can be moved from room to room while maintaining their structural integrity. Yes, they are safe and will support your child’s weight. Now instead of finding your child climbing the drawers again, they can reach their juice safely with the help of a personalized puzzle stool!

Parents, it is okay to give your child a little boost every once in awhile. These personalized puzzle stools are a fantastic way to keep your children safe while helping them gain some independence. When you are ready to order your child the perfect gift, stop in to Tim’s Unique Products! Our stools are all handcrafted, and Tim still finished each one, himself!