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​Educational kids step stools here

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When it comes to kids step stools, the benefits are well documented. What makes these fun and personal toys we custom make here at Tim’s Unique Products so special has a lot to do with the symbolism that they project.

Children try and mimic, mirror and imitate mom and dad because they ultimately want to things themselves. More often than not one of the things they really want to do is be able reach and get things -- just be taller like their parents. That is why kids step stool is so important. In fact, all of the authentic wooden toys that we make and produce here numerous benefits -- from our personalized puzzle stools to our growth charts. When you really think about wooden toys are a much better alternative than metal or plastic toys.

We believe one of the biggest benefits of wooden toys when comparing them to other types of toys is that they really seem to encourage your children to really use their creativity and think outside the box so to speak. These toys also will increase their visual skills, as well as their motor skills. There also is the safety component. We say this because all too frequently, a child will chew the edges off his or her today, thus leaving sharp edges that could cut the child or possibly even worse, the child could end up swallowing the bitten off part.