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Name Puzzle Stools Are All The Rage!

What better way for your child to learn how to spell than with blocks? Starting with their name can be a beneficial way to learn to spell. With our name puzzle stool, your child can be on their way in no time. Not only is this stool a convenient way for your child to climb [...]

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Get Your Own Personalized Puzzle Stool

If you're expecting a baby on the way, our personalized puzzle stools are just for you! These stools are hand made, designed with your child's name on them. The name blocks can come off, so as your child gets older his or her stool can be the perfect way for them to learn how to [...]

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A Personalized Stool Unique to Every Child

Getting tired of buying the same boring gifts? Add a personal touch to the next gift you buy with a personalized stool. Not only does the name make it unique, but you can also choose to add a personal engraving. Be sure to take advantage of our free shipping today. Make your next gift giving [...]

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Puzzles Stools are Here!

Teaching kisd to spell their name just got easier. With a bright colored puzzle stool, your child will be able to play with blocks while spelling their name at the same time. For even mosre learning, be sure to add the alphebet and some personal engraving. Puzzle stools provide entertainment fo rchildren all over while [...]

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The Latest in Kid's Step Stools

Looking for a unique bedroom or bathroom accessory? Check out our kids step stools. Perfect for little ones who can't quite reach the bathroom sink or need a boost getting into bed. Our stools add a splash of color to any room, and don't forget to add some custom engraving!

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Got toddlers? Try a Name Puzzle Stool

Take advantage of our free shipping on all puzzle stools! Our name  puzzle stools include up to eleven colorful letters. To really make your stool special, you can add some engraving. Need some extra height? We also have two step name puzzle stools for your convenience.

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We are on Facebook

Please use our Facebook  paige to give us feed back: we would love to here from you about our products and see pictures of them in use.

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Welcome to our new website design

Welcome to our opening of the new website design ! our new site will allow for more special adds and discounts, check out our discount page. April 10, 2011   Learn While You Play! Welcome to our site, we have been creating hand crafted personalized products since 1982. We take pride in producing uniquely different products that are not just [...]

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